Daniel Ronnie - Болезнь Гентингтона (Хорея) - Намибия

Пациент Name: Daniel Ronnie Sex: Male Country: Namibia Age: 48 years Diagnosis: 1. Huntington Disease 2. Hyperlipemia Date: May 3rd, 2015 Days Admitted to Hospital: 21 days До лечения The patient experienced headache without any reason in June 2014. He had dyssomnia since Nov. 2014. He couldn’t control his mood, easily get upset and he [...]

Cornelius Koch - Болезнь Гентингтона (Хорея) - Германия

Пациент Name: Cornelius Koch Sex: Male Country: Germany Age: 65 Diagnosis: Huntington's disease Admission Date: October 8, 2012 Days Admitted to Hospital: 26 days До лечения The patient suffered from a balance disorder without obvious reasons 16 years ago. He fell down easily when walking, then gradually had hyperactivity of the upper limbs. And then, [...]